Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Finding the perfect hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can be hard. With so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you? Fort Lauderdale offers over 20 miles of stunning beaches and a wide range of hotels that promise an unforgettable vacation.

This guide will help simplify your search by highlighting the best hotels the city has to offer.

Fort Lauderdale is not just known for its beautiful beaches but also for being close to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, making it easily accessible for travelers.

We will provide information on top-rated hotels, cater to different traveler needs, and share tips on scoring the best deals. Keep reading to make your stay in Fort Lauderdale memorable!

Key Takeaways

  • Fort Lauderdale offers a wide range of hotels for every type of traveler, from luxury beachfront resorts to affordable accommodations near attractions.
  • Top-rated hotels like Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club and The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort provide guests with pools, fitness centers, and on-site dining options.
  • Many hotels are located close to the Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport and popular spots such as Las Olas Boulevard and the cruise port.
  • You can find special deals during low season months from May to November when hotel rates drop compared to high season from December to April.
  • Hotels cater to various preferences including family – friendly amenities, romantic settings for couples, modern facilities for business travelers, and convenient options for solo adventurers.

Popular Hotels in Fort Lauderdale

Discover top-rated hotels in Fort Lauderdale, be it beachfront resorts or luxury accommodations, to ensure a pleasant stay during your visit. Each hotel offers unique amenities and experiences tailored for different types of travelers.

Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club

Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club stands out as a top-rated hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With its prime beachside location, it offers guests direct access to more than 20 miles of Blue Wave beaches and golden sands.

This luxury resort is perfect for travelers aiming for a relaxing escape in Fort Lauderdale. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms with breathtaking ocean views.

The resort boasts a range of amenities designed to make every stay memorable. These include two swimming pools, multiple tennis courts, a full-service spa, and dining options that cater to all tastes.

For those interested in exploring the area, Lago Mar is conveniently located minutes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and close to popular attractions. Its commitment to providing an unparalleled guest experience makes it an ideal choice for vacationers seeking luxury accommodations in Fort Lauderdale.

The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort is a beachfront hotel in Fort Lauderdale, offering upscale amenities and stunning ocean views. With its prime location along the famous A1A scenic highway, guests can enjoy easy access to the beach and nearby attractions.

The resort features modern rooms with Heavenly Beds, an outdoor pool overlooking the ocean, a fitness center, and delicious dining options at its on-site restaurants. Additionally, it’s just minutes away from the shops and nightlife of Las Olas Boulevard.

Moving on to “Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort” where you can experience luxury accommodations…

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort is an idyllic retreat nestled along the vibrant coastline of Florida. Boasting panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, this resort offers luxurious accommodations and world-class amenities.

With its prime beachfront location and close proximity to popular attractions, it provides an ideal base for travelers seeking a remarkable stay in Fort Lauderdale. The resort features spacious rooms, a stunning infinity pool, rejuvenating spa services, and delectable dining options.

Guests can revel in the captivating beauty of Fort Lauderdale while indulging in the comfort and opulence of the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.

B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale Beach

B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a stunning beachfront location perfect for those seeking ocean views and coastal relaxation. The hotel provides easy access to the Fort Lauderdale Beach, making it an ideal choice for beach lovers.

The resort features a variety of amenities including a pool, fitness center, on-site restaurants, and spa services catering to different traveler types such as families, couples, and solo travelers.

This pet-friendly option ensures that all guests can enjoy their stay while basking in the beauty of the surrounding beaches.

The B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale Beach is located just minutes away from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and offers luxurious accommodations suitable for those looking for top-rated hotels or boutique lodging near the cruise port.

Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale

Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale is a top-rated hotel in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, offering beachside luxury with a prime location near popular attractions. The hotel provides upscale amenities such as a rooftop pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurants for travelers seeking more than just accommodations.

Additionally, it caters to business travelers with free Wi-Fi and modern meeting spaces. This pet-friendly option offers bespoke services tailored towards different traveler types, making it an ideal choice for those seeking tailored experiences.

The Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale stands out among the boutique lodging options in Fort Lauderdale; its central location allows guests easy access to the vibrant culture and beautiful beaches that make Florida’s “Venice of America” a sought-after destination.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort

The Pelican Grand Beach Resort, situated along the Fort Lauderdale beachfront, offers a luxurious escape for vacationers. With over 500 feet of sandy beaches right outside the door, it’s perfect for families and couples seeking a relaxing getaway.

This resort provides beachfront accommodations tailored for those looking to indulge in spa services, water activities, dining options with picturesque views, and spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort is a top-rated choice amongst travelers seeking luxury resorts in Fort Lauderdale. It provides an array of amenities including pet-friendly options and enjoyable experiences such as s’mores by the bonfire on the beach.

Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

The Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa offers a luxurious beachfront escape for travelers, featuring spacious rooms and suites with ocean or Intracoastal Waterway views.

The resort provides access to the private beach, a lagoon pool with waterfalls, and a full-service spa. Guests can enjoy watersports like kayaking and jet skiing as well as multiple dining options, from casual oceanfront eateries to elegant steakhouse cuisine.

For those seeking relaxation or adventure in equal measure, this renowned hotel presents an enticing blend of sun-soaked serenity and world-class amenities. With its prime location along the Atlantic coastline, it’s an ideal destination for guests looking to experience everything that makes Fort Lauderdale such a desirable vacation spot.

Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach

Situated on the bustling A1A strip, Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach is right by the ocean with striking views. This contemporary hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere and easy access to the beach.

The hotel has modern amenities including an outdoor pool, fitness center, on-site restaurants, free Wi-Fi, and pet-friendly options – making it an ideal choice for families and couples seeking a beachfront retreat.

During peak season at this beachfront property in Fort Lauderdale, guests can savor beautiful sunsets from their rooms while enjoying comfortable accommodations complete with private balconies offering panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Riverside Hotel

Situated in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Riverside Hotel offers boutique lodging for travelers seeking a unique and memorable stay. This hotel is not only near the popular Las Olas Boulevard but also close to the beach and cruise port, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the city’s attractions without being far from their accommodations.

The hotel provides pet-friendly options and spa services, catering to different traveler types such as couples, families, solo travelers, and business visitors. Additionally, with free Wi-Fi and proximity to various amenities like on-site restaurants and fitness centers, Riverside Hotel aims to enhance its guests’ experience during their stay.

Positioned amongst other top-rated hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Riverside Hotel presents itself as an affordable yet luxurious option for vacationers. Its prime location near popular attractions sets it apart as one of the best choices for accommodation in Fort Lauderdale.

Ocean Manor Beach Resort

– Ocean Manor Beach Resort is a beachfront hotel in Fort Lauderdale, offering stunning ocean views and direct access to the sandy shores. The resort has luxurious amenities like a tiki bar, outdoor pool, spa services, and on-site dining options for guests to enjoy.

With its pet-friendly policy and top-rated beachfront location, Ocean Manor Beach Resort is an ideal choice for families seeking a relaxing getaway by the sea.

Moving on to “Best Hotels for Different Traveler Types”…

Best Hotels for Different Traveler Types

Find the perfect hotel for your trip, whether you’re a family, couple, solo traveler, business traveler, or on a budget. Read more for tailored recommendations.


Fort Lauderdale offers family-friendly accommodations for a memorable vacation. The Ocean Manor Beach Resort provides a beachfront location with spacious rooms ideal for families. Additionally, the Riverside Hotel, located near attractions and restaurants, ensures convenience and entertainment options for families visiting Fort Lauderdale.

Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale Downtown Las Olas Area is another excellent choice due to its central location and family-friendly amenities like complimentary breakfast and outdoor pool facilities.

These hotels cater to families with seaside activities, spacious rooms, and convenient locations that make them ideal choices when planning a family trip to Fort Lauderdale.


Spoil yourselves with a romantic getaway in Fort Lauderdale. Indulge in the intimate ambiance of boutique hotels or beachfront resorts catering to couples. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes, luxury amenities, and inclusive LGBTQ-friendly options.

Whether seeking a spa retreat or wedding venue, Fort Lauderdale’s diverse accommodations ensure an unforgettable stay for every couple.

The Lago Mar Beach Resort And Club offers a luxurious beachside escape with tailored services for couples. Additionally, boutique lodging such as Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach provides bespoke experiences amidst panoramic ocean views.

Solo Travelers

Fort Lauderdale is a great destination for solo travelers. The city offers an array of activities, from beach relaxation to vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions, making it perfect for individuals exploring on their own.

Solo travelers can enjoy the convenience of staying in centrally located hotels like the Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale Downtown Las Olas Area or boutique accommodations such as the Riverside Hotel near Las Olas Boulevard with its bustling dining and shopping scenes.

Additionally, solo explorers can experience the stunning beaches within easy reach while being close to local landmarks, ensuring a memorable stay in this dynamic Florida destination.

Business Travelers

Business Travelers can find suitable accommodations in Fort Lauderdale for their work trips. The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale provide convenient locations near the beach, while offering essential amenities such as free Wi-Fi and fitness centers.

Additionally, business travelers can also opt for hotels like Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Riverside Hotel, which are situated within close proximity to major attractions and the airport, offering convenience for those with busy schedules.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is a short distance from renowned hotels like The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale. These hotels cater to business travelers by providing easy access to the airport alongside modern facilities such as free Wi-Fi that meet the needs of professionals on the go.

Budget Travelers

For budget travelers visiting Fort Lauderdale, there are numerous affordable accommodations to consider. The area offers a variety of hotels and vacation rentals that cater to those seeking cost-effective options without compromising on quality and comfort.

Some budget-friendly hotel options in Fort Lauderdale include the Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale Downtown Las Olas Area, Holiday Inn Express And Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport West, and the many other affordable hotels near the beach or cruise port to suit different preferences and requirements.

Moving on from budget travelers, let’s delve into “Location and Neighborhoods”.

Location and Neighborhoods

Explore Fort Lauderdale’s diverse neighborhoods and their proximity to popular attractions during different travel seasons. Read more for exclusive insights!

Distance from Popular Attractions

Most hotels are within a 10-15 minute drive from popular attractions such as Fort Lauderdale Beach and Las Olas Boulevard. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is also just a short distance away, making travel convenient for visitors.

Additionally, many hotels offer shuttle services to key locations, ensuring ease of access for guests exploring the city’s vibrant scene. With various transportation options available near these top-rated accommodations, travelers can easily reach the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s tourist hotspots and experiences without hassle.

Travel High Season vs Low Season

Travel High Season vs Low Season:

Fort Lauderdale experiences high season from December to April, drawing in tourists seeking warm weather and beach activities. During this time, accommodation prices generally surge due to the increased demand for beachfront hotels in Fort Lauderdale.

Conversely, low season from May to November sees fewer crowds, resulting in lower hotel rates and more budget-friendly deals. It’s not uncommon to find discounted rates or special packages during the off-peak months where accommodations near Fort Lauderdale cruise port may offer attractive deals for vacationers on a budget.

During peak periods like spring break and holidays, it’s wise to book accommodations well in advance, especially if you are looking for family-friendly hotels in Fort Lauderdale or pet-friendly options.

Hotels Near the Beach

Hotels near the beach in Fort Lauderdale offer convenient access to the famous Blue Wave beaches and vibrant waterfront. The Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club and B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale Beach are two such hotels, offering beachfront locations with luxury amenities.

With over 20 miles of golden sands, these hotels provide travelers with an ideal seaside escape. In addition, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is just minutes away from this picturesque shoreline, making it easily accessible for visitors seeking a relaxing beach vacation.

Whether you seek boutique lodging or family-friendly accommodations, these beachside resorts cater to a variety of traveler preferences while providing stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hotels Near the Cruise Port

Several hotels near the Fort Lauderdale cruise port offer convenient accommodation options for travelers. The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, Hyatt Place Fort Lauderdale 17th Street Convention Center, and the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel are some top choices to consider as they cater to those seeking seamless connections to embark on cruises.

The proximity of these accommodations to the port eases travel logistics and ensures a stress-free experience before setting sail. Additionally, these hotels provide easy access to local dining and entertainment venues around the cruise port area, making them ideal choices for a pre-cruise stay.

Amenities to Look for in a Hotel

Look for hotels with a pool and fitness center to stay active during your trip. On-site restaurants, spa services, and free Wi-Fi can enhance your hotel experience.


All top-rated hotels in Fort Lauderdale offer swimming pools, ensuring guests can enjoy a refreshing dip or lounging under the Florida sun. Whether it’s a family-friendly resort or a boutique hotel, many accommodations feature poolside options to relax and unwind during your stay.

The Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club provides a picturesque pool area with palm trees and cascading waterfalls, while the Pelican Grand Beach Resort offers an oceanfront swimming experience with stunning views of the Atlantic.

Additionally, many hotels boast multiple pools catering to different preferences such as adults-only areas, hot tubs, or even private cabanas for those seeking exclusivity.

Fitness Center

Fort Lauderdale hotels offer fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment for guests to maintain their workout routines. Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club and The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort boast well-equipped fitness facilities, while Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale and Pelican Grand Beach Resort provide gyms with stunning views.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach also feature modern fitness amenities for health-conscious travelers seeking an active stay in the area.

Seeking more than just a hotel? Boutique lodging options like B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale Beach and Riverside Hotel provide on-site gym facilities tailored towards wellness-oriented guests.

On-Site Restaurants

Most hotels in Fort Lauderdale offer on-site restaurants with a variety of cuisines, from seafood to international dishes. The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort features an on-site Italian restaurant, and the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach offers oceanfront dining.

Additionally, the Riverside Hotel boasts award-winning waterfront dining options. These on-site restaurants provide convenience and diverse dining experiences for guests staying at these top-rated hotels.

Continuing with our guide, let’s explore the amenities you should look for when choosing a hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Spa Services

Indulge in rejuvenating spa services at the top-rated hotels in Fort Lauderdale. Experience bespoke treatments designed to enhance your stay, such as massages, facials, and body scrubs offered at the Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club and Pelican Grand Beach Resort.

Unwind at the Riverside Hotel’s full-service spa or treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. Look no further for a pampering experience that complements your vacation.

Free Wi-Fi

When it comes to hotel amenities, free Wi-Fi is crucial. Fort Lauderdale’s top hotels offer this essential feature for guests’ convenience. The availability of free Wi-Fi allows travelers to stay connected while exploring the beautiful beaches and vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale.

This amenity ensures that visitors can easily plan their activities, communicate with loved ones back home, and access important information during their stay. With the increasing importance of staying connected, having complimentary Wi-Fi adds value to any traveler’s experience in Fort Lauderdale.

Indulge in seamless connectivity as you explore all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Free Wi-Fi at these top-rated hotels keeps you effortlessly connected throughout your stay without extra costs or hassle-inducing logins.

Complimentary Breakfast

– All the listed hotels offer complimentary breakfast.

– Pelican Grand Beach Resort, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, and Riverside Hotel provide a pet-friendly option for guests.

– The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale, and Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach are beachfront resorts with top-rated amenities.

Pet-Friendly Options

– Many hotels in Fort Lauderdale offer pet-friendly options.

– The Riverside Hotel, located on Las Olas Boulevard, accepts pets of various sizes for a fee.

– The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort is another pet-friendly hotel that welcomes guests with their furry friends.

Tips for Finding the Best Hotel Deals

Book your stay in advance, utilize hotel comparison websites, and consider loyalty programs for the best deals. Use vacation rentals or look out for package deals to save on your accommodation costs.

Book in Advance

Be sure to book your hotel in Fort Lauderdale well in advance.

Reserve your accommodation as early as possible to secure the best deals and availability.

Opting for early booking can help you snag great discounts and ensure a stress-free trip.

Use Hotel Comparison Websites

When looking for the best hotel deals, consider using hotel comparison websites. These platforms allow you to compare prices, amenities, and reviews from multiple hotels in Fort Lauderdale.

By utilizing these websites, such as Expedia or Booking.com, travelers can find affordable accommodations tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, loyalty programs and exclusive offers are often available through these sites which can further enhance your stay in Fort Lauderdale.

Explore various hotel comparison websites to discover the best deals on top-rated hotels in Fort Lauderdale. With user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive search options, these platforms simplify the process of finding the ideal hotel that suits your requirements for a memorable stay in this Florida beach destination.

Sign up for Loyalty Programs

To make the most of hotel benefits, sign up for loyalty programs to unlock exclusive deals and discounts. Many hotels in Fort Lauderdale offer rewards like free nights, upgrades, and members-only rates through their loyalty programs.

By enrolling in these programs, you can earn points that accumulate with each stay and redeem them for future stays or other perks. Additionally, some hotel chains have partnerships with airlines or credit card companies, allowing you to earn more rewards across different travel platforms.

By joining loyalty programs at Fort Lauderdale hotels, travelers can enjoy exclusive benefits such as complimentary Wi-Fi, late checkout options, and even access to special events or experiences during their stay.

Consider Vacation Rentals

Looking for alternative accommodations? Consider vacation rentals when planning your stay in Fort Lauderdale. Vacation rentals offer flexibility and space ideal for families, solo travelers, and budget-conscious visitors.

With options ranging from beachfront condos to cozy downtown apartments, these rentals provide a personalized experience with amenities such as kitchens and private pools. Explore affordable options near the cruise port or boutique lodgings nestled in trendy neighborhoods like Las Olas Boulevard.

Opting for vacation rentals allows you to tailor your stay to fit your needs while enjoying the comforts of home away from home.

Check for Package Deals

When considering vacation rentals, make sure to check for package deals as they can offer comprehensive savings and added perks. Package deals may include discounts on accommodations, complimentary amenities such as breakfast or spa services, and even bundled attractions or activities.

Look for Fort Lauderdale hotel package deals that align with your travel needs to maximize value while enjoying a memorable stay.

Fort Lauderdale hotel package deals, when strategically chosen, can provide considerable cost savings and enhance the overall vacation experience. Whether it’s inclusive offers combining accommodations with dining options or special promotions bundling entertainment tickets with lodging, be sure to explore these advantageous packages when planning your trip.


Discover the finest hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida catering to all types of travelers. Explore top-rated hotels, neighborhoods, and essential amenities for an unforgettable stay.

Maximize your travel budget with expert tips on finding the best hotel deals. Are you ready to experience the ultimate escape? Start planning your perfect getaway now!


1. How do I find the best hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Look for top-rated hotels, beachfront resorts, and boutique lodging that match your needs. Check out family-friendly or pet-friendly options if you’re traveling with loved ones or furry friends.

2. Are there affordable hotel options in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes! You can find affordable hotels and accommodations throughout Fort Lauderdale. Keep an eye out for special deals to save money on your stay.

3. Can I stay near the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale?

Absolutely! There are several hotels near the Fort Lauderdale cruise port, making it easy to catch your cruise without a hassle.

4. What kind of unique lodging is available in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale offers boutique hotels, LGBTQ-friendly accommodations, spa resorts, and even vacation rentals for a unique stay experience.

5. Are there good places to host a wedding in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, many beachfront resorts and spa resorts in Fort Lauderdale provide beautiful wedding venues perfect for your special day.