Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Riverside Wedding in Fort Lauderdale

Planning a wedding is exciting but picking the right venue can be hard. Fort Lauderdale offers beautiful options, especially for those dreaming of a riverside setting. One standout choice is Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard, famous for its scenic views and excellent service.

This guide will show you why Riverside Hotel is perfect for your big day. We’ll explore everything from the stunning New River Patio to the elegant Himmarshee Ballroom. Plus, we share tips on planning your event and choosing local vendors to make your wedding unforgettable.

Read on to discover how easy and magical your Fort Lauderdale riverside wedding can be!

Key Takeaways

  • Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard offers a beautiful riverside setting for weddings with venues like the New River Patio and Himmarshee Ballroom.
  • The hotel provides all – inclusive wedding packages, making it easy to plan your event with services like catering, decorations, and coordination included.
  • You can choose from various scenic locations within the hotel for your ceremony and reception, such as Skyline Terrace or Veranda on Las Olas, each offering unique views of Fort Lauderdale’s riverfront.
  • Couples have access to a network of preferred vendors in Fort Lauderdale including florists, photographers, and caterers to customize their special day.
  • Riverside Hotel is praised for its exceptional service and versatile spaces that can host intimate gatherings to larger celebrations of 150-250 guests.

Riverside Hotel: The Perfect Venue for a Wedding

– Riverside Hotel offers picturesque venues including the New River Patio and Himmarshee Ballroom, perfect for a riverside wedding.

– With stunning event spaces like Skyline Terrace and Veranda on Las Olas, Riverside Hotel provides an ideal setting for your Fort Lauderdale waterfront wedding.

New River Patio

The New River Patio offers a breathtaking waterfront setting for wedding ceremonies. Couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful river, surrounded by lush Florida foliage.

This outdoor location makes any wedding feel like a serene, scenic retreat right on the iconic Las Olas Boulevard.

Imagine saying ‘I do’ with the gentle flow of the New River as your soundtrack.

This venue space comfortably hosts 150-250 guests, making it perfect for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. The open-air environment invites a natural ambiance into your special day while providing unforgettable views for you and your guests.

Himmarshee Ballroom

Connected to the picturesque New River Patio, the Himmarshee Ballroom at Riverside Hotel offers an elegant setting for wedding receptions and ceremonies. With a capacity of 150-250 guests, it provides a spacious yet intimate atmosphere for couples seeking a historic and scenic backdrop for their special day.

The ballroom’s grand windows offer breathtaking views of the New River, creating an enchanting ambiance that perfectly complements Fort Lauderdale’s waterfront allure. Known for its exceptional service and flexibility, this ballroom is ideal for those desiring a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere as part of their outdoor wedding in Fort Lauderdale.

Additionally, surrounded by lush Florida foliage, it ensures memorable experiences amidst stunning natural beauty.

Skyline Terrace

The Skyline Terrace at Riverside Hotel offers stunning views, making it an ideal location for a memorable wedding. With the capacity to accommodate up to 150 guests, the terrace provides a picturesque setting overlooking Fort Lauderdale’s skyline and the New River.

Couples can create a magical outdoor ceremony or reception against this breathtaking backdrop, enhancing their special day with Florida’s natural beauty.

With its unparalleled scenery and exceptional ambiance, the Skyline Terrace sets the stage for an unforgettable riverside wedding experience. The venue seamlessly combines nature and modern luxury, offering couples and their guests a unique celebration in one of Fort Lauderdale’s most beautiful settings.

Veranda on Las Olas

Riverside Hotel features the stunning Veranda on Las Olas, providing a romantic setting for outdoor weddings. This venue offers breathtaking waterfront views and can accommodate up to 120 guests for an intimate celebration.

Surrounded by lush Florida foliage, the Veranda creates a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking a scenic and elegant wedding location. With its serene ambiance, this space is perfect for couples looking to host an unforgettable riverside ceremony or reception with close family and friends.

The Veranda on Las Olas offers an alluring option for those seeking a waterfront wedding venue in Fort Lauderdale. With its captivating scenery and accommodating capacity, it provides an ideal setting for creating cherished memories on your special day.

Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille

The Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille is a captivating dining venue within the Riverside Hotel, offering an exquisite culinary experience for wedding celebrations. This seafood-centric restaurant provides a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere for guests to savor delectable dishes and refreshing drinks.

With its emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, couples can treat their guests to sumptuous meals complemented by scenic views of the iconic Las Olas Boulevard and the New River.

The Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille also crafts personalized menus tailored to the couple’s preferences, ensuring a memorable dining experience amidst the picturesque Fort Lauderdale waterfront.

Reviews of Riverside Hotel

Couples rave about their unforgettable wedding experiences at Riverside Hotel. The venue garners high praise from professional networks and endorsements.

Couples’ Testimonials

  1. “The Riverside Hotel provided the perfect setting for our wedding, with its stunning views of the New River and picturesque Florida foliage.”
  2. “The Himmarshee Ballroom’s elegant ambiance and historic charm were exactly what we were looking for.”
  3. “The convenience and exceptional service at Riverside Hotel made our special day stress-free and enjoyable.”
  4. “The all – inclusive packages offered us flexibility to tailor our wedding to our specific tastes and needs.”
  5. “Working with the hotel’s recommended vendors was seamless, ensuring every aspect of our wedding was taken care of.”

Riverside Hotel offers a unique venue for weddings on Las Olas Boulevard, attracting couples seeking a picturesque waterfront location for their special day.

Professional Network and Endorsements

Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale has a well-established professional network and endorsements, ensuring top-notch services for weddings:

  1. The hotel collaborates with renowned local wedding planners to provide comprehensive wedding coordination services.
  2. Established partnerships with trusted florists, ensuring stunning floral arrangements that complement the picturesque riverside setting.
  3. Endorsements from reputable caterers offering diverse menus tailored to couples’ preferences and dietary needs.
  4. The hotel’s association with experienced photographers guarantees captivating moments captured amidst the scenic backdrop.
  5. Trusted connections with entertainment providers for lively music and enchanting performances during wedding celebrations.
  6. Professional referrals to experienced makeup artists and hairstylists, ensuring bridal parties look their best on the big day.
  7. Endorsements from rental companies offering an array of decor items, from elegant linens to unique centerpieces.

These collaborations and endorsements contribute to creating a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience at Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Planning Your Wedding at Riverside Hotel

To plan your wedding at Riverside Hotel, you can explore the venue details and essential information to make your celebration memorable. Dive into the site uses and specific arrangements for a tailored riverside event experience.

Venue Details

Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale offers unique venue spaces for weddings on the iconic Las Olas Boulevard. The New River Patio provides a serene outdoor setting, while the Himmarshee Ballroom offers an elegant indoor space for up to 250 guests.

The Skyline Terrace and Veranda on Las Olas are perfect for intimate ceremonies or cocktail receptions, surrounded by lush Florida foliage. Additionally, the Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille adds a touch of waterfront charm to any wedding celebration.

With options for micro weddings and all-inclusive packages, couples can tailor their dream wedding experience at this historic riverside hotel.

The venue is renowned for exceptional service, convenience, and scenic views along the riverfront. Couples have rated Riverside Hotel with high satisfaction scores of 4.7 out of 5, making it an ideal choice for those seeking picturesque waterfront event locations in Fort Lauderdale.

Site Uses

The Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale provides versatile site uses for weddings, including the New River Patio, Himmarshee Ballroom, Skyline Terrace, and Veranda on Las Olas. These spaces cater to couples seeking outdoor wedding locations with spectacular views of the Florida foliage and the iconic New River.

The Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille offers a unique waterfront setting for intimate gatherings or bridal showers amid Fort Lauderdale’s scenic beauty. Additionally, micro weddings can be hosted at these picturesque venues for those seeking more intimate celebrations surrounded by historic charm and Intracoastal allure.

The venue’s serene ambiance and convenient location make it an ideal choice for couples looking to host their dream wedding within a scenic waterfront backdrop along Las Olas Boulevard.

Essential Information

Transitioning from Site Uses to Essential Information, Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale offers versatile venue details and site uses for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The hotel can accommodate 150-250 guests, overlooking the New River Patio or within the elegant Himmarshee Ballroom.

Intimate celebrations can also be hosted through micro weddings with all essential amenities provided. The hotel is surrounded by lush Florida foliage offering a beautiful natural backdrop for any wedding celebration.

Additionally, various all-inclusive packages are available to create a bespoke experience tailored towards creating the dream wedding event that couples seek.

Available Services Provided by Riverside Hotel

Riverside Hotel offers all-inclusive packages and a wide range of services and amenities to make your wedding planning easy. Their expert team ensures every detail is meticulously taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day.

All-Inclusive Packages

The Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale offers all-inclusive wedding packages, providing couples with a stress-free planning experience. These packages encompass everything from catering and bar services to customized décor and attentive event coordination.

With the flexibility to accommodate varying guest counts, couples can choose from an array of inclusive options tailored to their preferences. The hotel’s comprehensive packages streamline the planning process, ensuring that every detail is expertly managed while allowing couples to focus on celebrating their special day.

Looking for Services and Amenities at Riverside Hotel?

Services and Amenities

Transitioning from the all-inclusive packages to the services and amenities offered by Riverside Hotel, you can expect top-notch wedding coordination, including catering, A/V equipment, guest accommodations, and dedicated event staff.

The hotel’s professional team meticulously provides setup assistance, personalized menu planning for your waterfront wedding reception with Florida foliage as your scenic backdrop.

The Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille offers delectable catering options that will make your riverside wedding unforgettable. Additionally, the hotel’s pool membership and day passes provide a relaxing option for couples and their guests before or after the ceremony.

Other Wedding Vendors in Fort Lauderdale

Explore the vibrant network of preferred vendors in Fort Lauderdale for your dream wedding team. Get essential tips on building a cohesive and professional vendor ensemble that will make your special day complete.

Preferred Vendors

  1. Florists: Fresh and vibrant floral arrangements to elevate the ambiance.
  2. Photographers: Capture every special moment with professional photography services.
  3. Entertainment: Live bands, DJs, or solo performers to keep the celebration lively.
  4. Catering: Delectable cuisine options ranging from traditional to contemporary dishes.
  5. Decorators: Transform the venue with stunning décor tailored to your preferences.
  6. Wedding Planners: Experienced professionals to expertly coordinate and manage all aspects of your special day.
  7. Transportation Services: Ensure seamless arrivals and departures for you and your guests with luxury transportation options.
  8. Hair and Makeup Artists: Skilled professionals adept at enhancing your natural beauty for a picture-perfect look on your big day.

Tips for Building Your Dream Team

  1. Wedding Planner:
  • A professional to coordinate and organize the event.
  • Familiar with Riverside Hotel’s venue details and services.


  • Create stunning floral arrangements tailored to your theme.
  • Ensure Florida foliage enhances the wedding backdrop.


  • Provide delectable cuisine for your guests.
  • Customize menus to satisfy diverse preferences.


  • Capture precious moments and scenic views.
  • Highlight the picturesque Riverside Hotel surroundings.


  • Set the mood with live music or curated playlists.
  • Keep the celebration lively and vibrant.


  • Tailor ceremonies to match your unique style and preferences.
  • Ensure a seamless and personal wedding ceremony.

Hair & Makeup Artists:

  • Enhance your natural beauty for the special day.
  • Work with Florida’s climate for a lasting look.

Stationery Designers:

– Craft bespoke invitations and stationery suites for your wedding.

– Coordinate designs with Fort Lauderdale’s scenic elements.

  1. Transportation Services:

– Provide convenient travel options for guests and bridal parties.

– Align transportation logistics with Fort Lauderdale venues.

  1. Event Coordinator/Director:

– Oversee all elements of your wedding day, ensuring seamless coordination between vendors, venues, and guests

– Manage timelines, schedules, and on-the-day logistics to alleviate stress on you as the couple

Remember, selecting a strong team will ensure that every aspect of your riverside wedding in Fort Lauderdale is flawlessly executed, leaving you free to enjoy every moment!


In Fort Lauderdale, Riverside Hotel offers exceptional wedding venues with stunning views of the New River and lush Florida foliage. The hotel’s positive reviews and all-inclusive packages provide practicality and ease in planning your dream wedding.

Have you considered hosting a micro-wedding at this iconic riverside location? The impact of choosing such a scenic venue can truly elevate your special day! As you navigate through the intricacies of planning, remember that Riverside Hotel is designed to enhance every aspect of your celebration.

With its convenient location on Las Olas Boulevard, it provides an ideal setting for a memorable waterfront wedding experience.


1. What makes Fort Lauderdale a great place for a riverside wedding?

Fort Lauderdale is perfect for a riverside wedding because of its beautiful waterfront venues, scenic views of the New River, and lovely Florida foliage. It offers a unique setting that combines natural beauty with historic charm.

2. Can I find historic wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes! Fort Lauderdale has historic wedding venues that provide a charming backdrop for your special day. Places like the Himmarshee Ballroom offer events full of character and elegance.

3. Are there hotels in Fort Lauderdale where I can have both my ceremony and reception by the water?

Absolutely! There are Intracoastal wedding hotels in Fort Lauderdale offering riverside hotel wedding packages. These locations let you enjoy both your ceremony and reception with stunning riverfront views.

4. How do I choose the right vendors for my riverside wedding in Fort Lauderdale?

Start by looking at local Fort Lauderdale wedding vendors who specialize in waterfront weddings. They will have experience with everything from catering to accommodations, ensuring your day goes smoothly.

5. What should I consider when planning a riverfront wedding in this location?

When planning your riverfront wedding, think about the time of year, as Florida’s weather can vary. Also consider choosing a scenic Riverside venue that matches your style, and ensure it offers all necessary services like catering and event planning to make your day unforgettable.