Ultimate Guide to Planning a Pre-Cruise Wedding in Fort Lauderdale

Planning a wedding is exciting. But planning a pre-cruise wedding in Fort Lauderdale? That’s next-level fun and romance combined. Imagine saying “I do” with the sun setting over the ocean before sailing off into your honeymoon.

It might sound like a lot to organize, but we’ve got you covered.

Cruise weddings come with perks like an in-built planner and a ready-made honeymoon destination. This guide will show you how to blend the beauty of Fort Lauderdale with the adventure of the seas for your special day.

From choosing between beaches or yachts as your venue to sorting legalities and coordinating schedules, we lay it all out.

Get ready for love on land and sea.

Key Takeaways

  • Fort Lauderdale offers beautiful beach and yacht venues for pre-cruise weddings, with affordable packages.
  • You need a marriage license from the Broward County Clerk of Courts to marry in Fort Lauderdale, valid for 60 days.
  • Hiring a wedding coordinator can help make your special day stress – free by handling all details.
  • Plan activities like gondola rides and visits to local attractions for guests before the cruise.
  • Adjust your wedding budget to include unexpected expenses and choose vendors early.

Reasons to Plan a Pre-Cruise Wedding in Fort Lauderdale

Why Plan a Pre-Cruise Wedding in Fort Lauderdale? The beautiful beach setting, convenient for honeymoon, and affordable packages make it an ideal choice.

Beautiful beach setting

Fort Lauderdale offers a picturesque beach setting that makes it an ideal place for a pre-cruise wedding. With its wide, sandy beaches and clear blue waters, couples can exchange vows with the ocean as their backdrop, creating unforgettable memories.

This beautiful location also allows for stunning wedding photos that capture the essence of your special day.

A walk on the beach is worth a thousand words.

Choosing Fort Lauderdale Beach for your wedding venue combines the romance of a beach wedding with the convenience of nearby cruise departures. Guests will enjoy not only the ceremony but also the relaxed atmosphere of this vibrant city before setting sail.

Convenient for honeymoon

Fort Lauderdale offers a convenient option for a honeymoon after your pre-cruise wedding due to its proximity to Port Everglades, where many cruise ships depart. With various resort accommodations and romantic activities, it’s the perfect place to begin your post-wedding celebrations.

Additionally, couples can easily access beautiful beaches and explore the city’s vibrant culture for a memorable start to their married life.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

Affordable packages

Save money and enjoy the perks of pre-cruise wedding packages. Upgrading to a private beach wedding in Fort Lauderdale is an affordable and elegant option, ensuring your special day is unforgettable without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

– When selecting the ideal venue, it’s essential to consider factors like proximity to the cruise port and the overall ambiance.

– Your wedding venue sets the tone for your big day, so make sure you explore various options to find one that suits your vision.

Beach weddings

Fort Lauderdale offers beautiful beach settings for your wedding. You can save money and enjoy a private pre-cruise beach wedding with affordable packages available at Fort Lauderdale Beach.

This location provides a stunning backdrop for your marriage ceremony, making it the perfect choice for a destination wedding in Florida. Make sure to take weather conditions into account when planning your beach wedding and book early to secure your ideal date.

Yacht weddings

Transitioning from beach weddings to yacht weddings, the allure of a yacht wedding in Fort Lauderdale offers a unique and picturesque setting for your special day. It’s advisable to plan meticulously for legalities such as marriage license requirements.

Additionally, having a detailed checklist can guide you through everything from picking the perfect yacht to coordinating with cruise schedules. You may need to consider booking early due to the popularity of these venues.

Unlocking the secrets of hosting a yacht wedding in Fort Lauderdale involves considering the best time to book and beach packages that offer upgrades at affordable costs while ensuring legality is underpinned by getting a marriage license.

Cruise ship weddings

Cruise ship weddings offer a built-in honeymoon and the convenience of having a wedding planner onboard. Ensure your marriage is legal when planning a cruise wedding, and pick a ship that suits your style.

Booking early is essential, and you can discover everything about the best cruise lines for weddings in Fort Lauderdale as well as the best time to book. Related searches include cruise ship wedding packages and the cost of getting married on a cruise ship.

Preparing for Your Wedding

Get your marriage license, find a wedding coordinator, and contact your vendors. For more detailed information, keep reading our Ultimate Guide to Planning a Pre-Cruise Wedding in Fort Lauderdale!

Marriage license

To legally marry in Fort Lauderdale, you need a marriage license from the Broward County Clerk of Courts. Both partners must apply together and provide valid identification such as a driver’s license or passport.

The cost of the marriage license is $86, but it can be reduced to $61 by completing an approved premarital preparation course. There is no waiting period after obtaining the license, and it is valid for 60 days.

Once married, the official who performed the ceremony will return the completed marriage license to the Clerk’s office for recording.

Wedding coordinator

A wedding coordinator will streamline the planning process and ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day. From arranging vendors to managing timelines, they take care of all the details so you can relax.

With their expertise, you’ll have a stress-free experience and a flawless event.

Make sure to hire a wedding coordinator for personalized assistance in navigating your pre-cruise wedding plans. They can handle logistics seamlessly and execute your vision with precision, making it an essential investment for a successful celebration.

Wedding vendors

Selecting the right wedding vendors is crucial for a successful pre-cruise wedding. Based on Fort Lauderdale’s realm of wedding planning, finding reputable and experienced vendors like photographers, florists, and caterers can elevate your ceremony.

Make sure to book them well in advance to secure their services during peak times. It’s not merely about finding vendors; it’s about building a team tailored towards making your day unforgettable.

When looking for wedding vendors, keep in mind that each one plays a pivotal role in creating the ambiance and memories of your special day. To ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish, select vendors who understand the complexities of cruise weddings and are willing to navigate through ever-evolving challenges with expertise.

Pre-wedding activities in Fort Lauderdale

  1. Enjoy a scenic gondola ride through the picturesque canals of Fort Lauderdale.
  2. Visit the historic Bonnet House Museum and Gardens for a glimpse into the city’s past.
  3. Explore the vibrant Las Olas Boulevard for shopping, dining, and art galleries.
  4. Embark on an Everglades airboat tour for a thrilling wildlife experience.
  5. Relax on the stunning Fort Lauderdale Beach or take part in water sports activities.
  6. Discover local craft breweries and indulge in a beer tasting tour around the city.
  7. Take a romantic sunset cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway for breathtaking views.
  8. Experience the thrill of deep – sea fishing or charter a private yacht for a special outing.

Tips for a Successful Pre-Cruise Wedding

Plan your budget carefully to avoid overspending. Be prepared for any weather conditions that may arise during your special day.


When planning your pre-cruise wedding in Fort Lauderdale, budgeting is essential. Ensure your budget covers the cost of the venue, decorations, catering, and any additional services you may need.

Consider affordable packages and keep track of all expenses to stay within your budget.

To avoid overspending on your pre-cruise wedding, carefully compare prices from different vendors to get the best deal. Additionally, be mindful of extra costs such as marriage license fees and gratuities for services.

Dealing with weather conditions

Ensure backup plans for outdoor weddings in case of inclement weather. Consider renting a tent or choosing an indoor venue. Stay updated on local weather forecasts and have clear communication with the venue in case adjustments are necessary.

Keep guests informed about any changes and make sure you have someone designated to help manage these decisions.

Prepare for potential heat by providing shade, fans, and cold beverages, especially if your wedding is during a warm season. For cooler temperatures, consider offering blankets or shawls to keep guests comfortable.

Coordinating with cruise schedule

Coordinate your wedding schedule closely with the cruise departure to ensure smooth sailing. Research the ship’s embarkation time and factor in buffer time for any delays or traffic.

Avoid stress by planning your pre-wedding activities at Fort Lauderdale Beach and scheduling your ceremony suitably before boarding.

Post-Wedding Options in Fort Lauderdale

Explore Port Everglades excursions, enjoy a post-cruise stay at a resort, and delve into the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale. Read on for more options!

Port Everglades excursions

Explore the diverse Port Everglades excursions, including snorkeling and scuba diving adventures to discover vibrant marine life. Take a thrilling airboat ride through the Everglades and witness alligators in their natural habitat.

Experience the allure of Fort Lauderdale with a variety of options for shopping, dining, and sightseeing in Las Olas Boulevard or hop on a water taxi to explore scenic views of Millionaire’s Row.

Don’t miss the chance to embark on an eco-friendly kayak tour through mangroves at Anne Kolb Nature Center for a serene wildlife encounter. Unlock the secrets of The Florida Panthers National Wildlife Refuge while birdwatching and hiking within its picturesque surroundings.

Post-cruise stay at a resort

After your cruise, relax and unwind with a post-cruise stay at a resort. Enjoy the luxurious amenities and explore nearby attractions in Fort Lauderdale. Consider indulging in spa treatments or taking part in water sports activities such as snorkeling or paddleboarding.

Discover local cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this coastal paradise. Make the most of your time by unwinding at a beachfront resort before heading back to reality.

Exploring Fort Lauderdale.

Discover the vibrant culture and attractions of Fort Lauderdale, including picturesque beaches and lively boating canals. Experience the city’s diverse dining scene offering fresh seafood and international cuisines.

Immerse yourself in nature at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park or visit the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens for a glimpse into South Florida’s history. Explore Las Olas Boulevard for unique shopping and art galleries, followed by a leisurely stroll along the Riverwalk promenade with stunning waterfront views.

Don’t miss out on the bustling nightlife in downtown Fort Lauderdale with its array of bars, clubs, and entertainment options.


This guide covered everything you need to plan a stunning pre-cruise wedding in Fort Lauderdale. From choosing the perfect venue to preparing for your big day, we’ve got you covered! Make the most of post-wedding options and ensure a successful event with our tips.

Now, it’s time to start planning and make your dream pre-cruise wedding a reality!


1. What is a pre-cruise wedding in Fort Lauderdale?

A pre-cruise wedding in Fort Lauderdale is a marriage ceremony that happens before you set sail on a cruise. It can take place at various venues like beaches or yachts near the Port of Fort Lauderdale.

2. Can I have my wedding on a yacht before we go on our cruise?

Yes, you can plan a yacht wedding in Miami as part of your pre-cruise celebration. This gives your special day a unique and memorable setting.

3. How do I plan for my destination wedding on a cruise from Fort Lauderdale?

Start by choosing one of the beautiful Fort Lauderdale wedding venues for your ceremony site. Then, look into pre-cruise beach wedding packages that fit your needs and budget.

4. What are some tips for planning a successful cruise wedding from Florida?

To ensure your cruise wedding goes smoothly, consider the cost of the cruise wedding, pick suitable precruise activities, and select an ideal port wedding in Miami or nearby areas to start your journey.

5. Are there specific packages available for weddings before cruising?

Yes, many destinations offer precruise beach wedding packages tailored to couples looking to tie the knot in Florida before embarking on their honeymoon cruise.