Ultimate Guide to Wedding Venues in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Planning a wedding in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, means you have a lot of choices. This place is special for its beautiful beaches and fancy hotels perfect for saying “I do.” You can find all the info you need about these places on sites like WeddingWire.

They show reviews, prices, and if the venue is free for your big day. Whether you dream of getting married on the beach with the ocean as your backdrop or inside a grand ballroom, there’s something here for everyone.

And good news – you don’t need a special permit to have a beach wedding here; just follow some simple rules. If you’re watching your budget closely, there are even full wedding packages that cost less than $5,000.

Get ready to discover the best spots in Fort Lauderdale to tie the knot! Keep reading to find out more.

Types of Wedding Venues in Fort Lauderdale

Are you planning a wedding in Fort Lauderdale? Check out the diverse range of wedding venues available, including beach, outdoor, historic, hotel, country club, and unique venues. Consider the ambiance and style you desire for your special day from this wide selection of settings to ensure it reflects your vision.

Beach venues

Beach weddings in Fort Lauderdale are a stunning choice for couples. They offer the perfect backdrop with soft sand and beautiful sunsets. Couples can marry on the beach without needing a permit, making it an easy and attractive option.

The sound of waves and the casual atmosphere create a memorable day.

Many beach venues in Fort Lauderdale also provide honeymoon packages and bridal services to complete your special occasion. From intimate ceremonies on the shore to lavish receptions by the ocean, these locations cater to every desire.

B Ocean Resort is known for its exceptional service and breathtaking views, setting the stage for an unforgettable wedding day.

Say ‘I do’ with your toes in the sand and love in your heart at Fort Lauderdale’s beach venues.

Outdoor venues

Fort Lauderdale offers various outdoor wedding venues, including beach locations that do not require permits for weddings. There are also unique and historic outdoor venues such as gardens and retreat spaces available for couples seeking a picturesque setting with affordable packages and bridal services.

Fort Lauderdale’s ever-popular beach weddings provide honeymoon packages, venues, and discounts to explore – making it an ideal destination for those seeking a romantic outdoor ceremony or reception under the Florida sun.

Other Reception Venues” brings us to explore different options beyond traditional settings such as banquet halls, ballrooms, gardens, and yachts that cater to individual preferences while offering diverse amenities.

Historic venues

The historic venues in Fort Lauderdale hold a timeless charm for couples seeking a romantic backdrop for their special day. Steeped in rich history, these venues offer an elegant and unique atmosphere that perfectly complements the magic of a wedding.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens stands out as one of the most sought-after historic wedding venues, providing a picturesque setting with lush gardens and stunning architecture. Couples can also explore other options such as intimate mansion wedding venues that exude vintage elegance and offer a captivating experience for both the couple and their guests.

These historic gems provide unforgettable settings for couples looking to infuse their wedding with a touch of old-world allure, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Fort Lauderdale’s storied past.

Hotel venues

Fort Lauderdale offers a range of hotel venues for weddings, including the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. These venues provide stunning beachfront locations, luxurious accommodations, and top-tier amenities to ensure a memorable wedding experience.

Couples can explore all-inclusive packages under $5,000 and benefit from honeymoon packages, bridal services, and detailed venue information available online. For those seeking affordable yet elegant options in beautiful settings with no permit requirements for beach ceremonies, hotel venues in Fort Lauderdale are an ideal choice that aligns with various budgets.

Moving on to “Country club venues”…

Country club venues

Country club venues offer elegant and picturesque settings for weddings in Fort Lauderdale. With lush greenery, manicured landscapes, and stunning golf course backdrops, these venues provide a luxurious ambiance for couples to exchange vows.

Some country clubs also offer exclusive amenities such as grand ballrooms, gourmet catering services, and personalized wedding packages to ensure a memorable celebration. Couples can explore various options to find the perfect country club venue that fits their style and budget.

For couples seeking an alluring and sophisticated atmosphere for their special day, country club venues present an ideal choice. With impeccable service and exquisite surroundings, these venues create a timeless backdrop for unforgettable wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Unique venues

– Unique venues in Fort Lauderdale offer an extraordinary backdrop for your special day, adding a touch of charm and individuality. Couples can choose from options like botanical gardens, luxury yachts, and even historic estates to create unforgettable memories.

With plenty of unique wedding venues available in Fort Lauderdale, you can personalize your big day to reflect your style and preferences. Whether it’s a tropical garden or a sleek yacht, these distinctive settings are sure to make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

– WeddingWire provides comprehensive information on unique wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, including reviews, prices, availability, and photos. From enchanting gardens to exclusive yachts moored along the coastlines, there are numerous distinctive locations that cater to various tastes and budget considerations.

Other Reception Venues that You Might Like

Explore banquet halls, ballrooms, gardens, and yachts as alternative reception sites. Discover diverse options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Banquet halls

Banquet halls are popular wedding reception venues in Fort Lauderdale, providing versatile spaces for both ceremonies and receptions. Couples can find a range of options that suit their budget, whether they’re looking for an affordable or luxurious setting.

Many banquet halls also offer various services and amenities, including catering, decor, and event coordination to ensure a seamless wedding experience. With the flexibility to accommodate different guest capacities and styles, banquet halls provide a convenient option for couples seeking all-in-one wedding locations in Fort Lauderdale.

WeddingWire offers comprehensive listings with reviews and pricing details for those interested in exploring banquet hall options.

Fort Lauderdale’s banquet halls serve as ideal indoor reception sites with prices and packages available from diverse vendors. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, these versatile venues cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences.


Ballrooms provide elegant and spacious settings for indoor wedding receptions. In Fort Lauderdale, there are a variety of ballroom venues available to accommodate different guest capacities, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations.

Couples can find ballrooms with various amenities such as stunning chandeliers, customizable lighting, and grand stages for entertainment. Many ballrooms in Fort Lauderdale also offer catering services and inclusive wedding packages at affordable prices.

When planning a wedding in Fort Lauderdale, couples can explore the option of hosting their reception in one of the city’s exquisite ballroom venues. These locations often showcase opulent decor and provide a grand ambiance for unforgettable celebrations.


Flamingo Gardens is a popular choice for outdoor wedding ceremonies in Fort Lauderdale, featuring lush tropical gardens and exotic wildlife. The serene and picturesque setting offers a unique backdrop for couples seeking an enchanting garden ceremony.

Couples can exchange vows surrounded by the beauty of nature, creating memorable moments captured in stunning photographs that will last a lifetime. Flamingo Gardens also provides all-inclusive wedding packages at affordable prices, ensuring a stress-free experience with customizable options to suit different budgets and preferences.

Additionally, couples can take advantage of professional bridal services and honeymoon packages offered within the romantic garden ambiance.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens offers a historic and elegant setting for weddings in Fort Lauderdale. The sprawling gardens provide a charming atmosphere for outdoor ceremonies, while the artistically preserved estate offers timeless beauty for capturing unforgettable moments.

With its blend of natural surroundings and architectural splendor, Bonnet House Museum & Gardens creates a captivating backdrop for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations.


Fort Lauderdale offers exquisite yachts as unique wedding venues. Couples can tie the knot on luxurious vessels, creating unforgettable memories. With stunning views of the ocean and city skyline, yachts provide an elegant and romantic setting for both ceremonies and receptions.

WeddingWire provides reviews, prices, and availability for yacht wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale. Couples seeking a distinctive experience can explore affordable yacht wedding packages under $5,000 to fulfill their dream of saying “I do” on the beautiful waters of Fort Lauderdale.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Fort Lauderdale

Consider your budget, the venue’s availability, capacity, services and amenities, as well as its location. These factors are crucial in determining the perfect wedding venue for your special day.


When planning your wedding in Fort Lauderdale, setting a budget is crucial. With options ranging from all-inclusive packages under $5,000 to small and inexpensive venues, there are choices for every budget.

Fort Lauderdale wedding venues offer detailed pricing information and discounts to help couples make informed decisions according to their financial plan.


When considering wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, availability is a crucial factor to keep in mind. WeddingWire provides detailed information on the availability of various venues, making it easier for couples to plan their special day.

It’s advisable to book well in advance, especially for popular locations such as beach venues and historic sites. Additionally, with options for all-inclusive wedding packages under $5,000, couples can find both available and affordable venues that suit their needs.

Fort Lauderdale offers an everchanging array of venue choices with varying availabilities that cater to different budgets and preferences.


Wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale vary in capacity, catering to intimate gatherings or large celebrations. Some venues can accommodate up to 300 guests, while others are better suited for smaller parties of 50 or less.

It’s essential to consider your guest list and the space needed for dining and dancing when selecting a venue. Take note of the maximum capacity of each venue and ensure it aligns with your envisioned wedding size, ensuring every guest has ample room to enjoy your special day.

Fort Lauderdale offers venues suitable for all capacities ranging from small, intimate gatherings to grand celebrations with hundreds of guests. It’s crucial to consider the number of attendees on your guest list when choosing a venue.

Services and amenities

From luxury hotels to historic venues, Fort Lauderdale offers wedding venues with a range of services and amenities. Couples can find all-inclusive packages, on-site catering, bridal suites, and honeymoon packages at various locations.

Some venues also offer wedding planning services, event coordination, and access to preferred vendors for a hassle-free experience. Whether it’s beachfront access or stunning gardens, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for memorable wedding ceremonies and indoor receptions.

Additionally, couples can take advantage of amenities such as valet parking, audiovisual equipment, and customizable décor options to bring their dream wedding to life.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a sought-after destination for wedding venues due to its picturesque beaches, historic sites, and elegant hotels. Couples can exchange vows with the stunning Atlantic Ocean as their backdrop at beach venues or choose from outdoor locations surrounded by lush gardens.

Historic venues offer a unique charm, while hotel and country club venues provide luxury and convenience. Fort Lauderdale also presents unique wedding settings such as yachts for an unforgettable experience.

The city’s diverse options cater to various styles and preferences, ensuring that couples can find the perfect location for their special day.

Top Wedding Venues in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Discover the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and other sought-after venues in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Each venue brings its unique charm and style to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort offers beachfront wedding venues with stunning ocean views. The resort provides event spaces for small and large ceremonies, accommodating up to 500 guests.

Couples can also enjoy bespoke packages and dedicated event planners to tailor their dream weddings. The resort’s all-inclusive packages start at affordable prices under $5,000, making it an ideal choice for couples on a budget.

Additionally, the Hilton offers honeymoon packages and bridal services, enhancing the overall wedding experience in Fort Lauderdale.

The resort does not require permits for beach weddings and adheres to specific guidelines in hosting these events. With detailed information available online, including prices and discounts, couples can easily compare options and plan their perfect day hassle-free.

Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach

If you’re looking for a picturesque waterfront wedding venue, Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach offers stunning views of the marina and Atlantic Ocean. It’s an ideal destination for couples seeking beachfront nuptials and can accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.

The resort provides a range of amenities, including on-site catering services and options for indoor or outdoor ceremonies – making it one of the top wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale.

Bahia Mar is conveniently located near a variety of tourist attractions such as luxury shopping, dining, entertainment options along with multiple activities to keep your guests entertained during their stay.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a historic venue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offering picturesque gardens and a unique setting for weddings. The 60-acre botanical garden features tropical plantings, wildlife exhibits, and the opportunity to host ceremonies surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers.

It’s an ideal choice for couples seeking affordable outdoor wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale with a touch of natural beauty, creating memorable backdrops for photography sessions and romantic celebrations.

Additionally, Flamingo Gardens offers all-inclusive wedding packages under $5,000 in Fort Lauderdale. Couples can exchange vows by serene ponds or beneath towering banyan trees while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of this enchanting garden venue.

The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort offers a stunning beachfront location for your special day. With flexible indoor and outdoor event spaces, it’s ideal for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations.

The resort provides customized wedding packages to suit various budgets, ensuring that every couple can have the wedding of their dreams on the beautiful shores of Fort Lauderdale.

When it comes to amenities, this venue offers world-class catering services, experienced event planners, and luxurious accommodations for you and your guests.

The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort stands out as one of the top choices in Fort Lauderdale for couples seeking a picturesque beachfront wedding venue with all-inclusive packages available at affordable rates.

The Venue Fort Lauderdale

Now let’s delve into “The Venue Fort Lauderdale,” a popular choice for those seeking more than just a beach wedding. This versatile venue offers affordable wedding packages under $5,000 and is ideal for small, intimate ceremonies.

The Venue Fort Lauderdale provides detailed information, prices, photos, and discounts to help couples navigate the complexities of planning their special day.

Seeking an affordable yet unique ceremony spot in Fort Lauderdale? Look no further than The Venue Fort Lauderdale.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Nestled amid the picturesque surroundings of Fort Lauderdale, Bonnet House Museum & Gardens offers an enchanting setting for weddings. The historic venue showcases a blend of art and nature, providing a stunning backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.

With options for both indoor and outdoor events, couples can exchange vows in the tranquil gardens or host their celebrations within the charming estate. This unique location is perfect for couples seeking intimate wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale that offer charm and romance amidst lush greenery.

Boasting over 35 acres of pristine landscapes, Bonnet House Museum & Gardens sets the stage for unforgettable wedding experiences against the backdrop of South Florida’s natural beauty.

Tips for a Successful Fort Lauderdale Wedding

Plan ahead for the weather. Make early bookings for vendors and venues.

Consider the weather

For a Fort Lauderdale wedding, consider the weather to ensure it aligns with your vision. Fort Lauderdale experiences a tropical rainforest climate, with hot and humid summers from May to October and dry, warm winters from November to April.

Summer temperatures can reach up to 90°F (32°C), accompanied by heavy rainfall; while in winter, temperatures average around 75°F (24°C). Keep this in mind as you plan your dream outdoor ceremony or beachside reception.

Remember that hurricane season runs from June through November, so be prepared for potential weather-related challenges when selecting your wedding date.

When choosing the best time for your Fort Lauderdale wedding, consider avoiding peak hurricane season and opting for a date during the cooler and drier months if you’re planning an outdoor celebration.

Book in advance

To secure your ideal wedding venue in Fort Lauderdale, book well in advance. Popular venues often get reserved quickly, especially during peak wedding season. By booking early, you ensure availability and increase the chance of getting competitive rates – particularly if you have a specific budget or date in mind.

Booking ahead also allows for greater flexibility as it enables you to explore different options without the pressure of limited availability.

Now let’s delve into exploring surrounding cities for additional reception venues that might pique your interest.

Explore surrounding cities

Delve into nearby cities like Miami, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach for diverse wedding venues. Miami offers trendy beachfront locations and elegant ballrooms, while Boca Raton provides exclusive country club settings.

In Palm Beach, couples can find luxurious historic estates for a unique wedding experience. These cities expand the options for couples seeking extraordinary wedding venues in close proximity to Fort Lauderdale.

Utilize local vendors

As you plan your Fort Lauderdale wedding, consider utilizing local vendors. Local vendors can provide fresh flowers, delicious catering, and professional photography that showcases the beauty of the city.

From custom cakes to personalized décor, local vendors offer a range of services to enhance your special day. Engaging with local businesses can also support the community and add a unique touch to your wedding experience.

Supporting local businesses adds a personal touch and helps create a memorable event while contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of Fort Lauderdale. Whether it’s capturing stunning moments or creating delectable dishes, local vendors bring expertise and passion to every aspect of your wedding celebration.

Consider all-inclusive packages

To make wedding planning stress-free, couples can consider all-inclusive packages in Fort Lauderdale. These packages often include venue rental, catering, and other essential services like photography or floral arrangements.

Some options are available for under $5,000, making it a budget-friendly choice for many couples. Additionally, these packages offer the convenience of having everything taken care of by one vendor, easing the planning process significantly.

Fort Lauderdale offers various all-inclusive wedding packages that cover essential services to help you plan your dream wedding without breaking the bank. These bundles may include venue rental, catering, photography, and more at affordable prices below $5,000 — an excellent option for budget-conscious couples seeking convenience and quality service within their means.


Discover your perfect wedding venue in Fort Lauderdale, from beachfront bliss to historic charm. Dive into our guide and unveil a wealth of options, including budget-friendly and all-inclusive packages under $5,000.

Picture this: an effortless planning journey that leads you to the wedding of your dreams. With practical tips and impactful strategies at your fingertips, embarking on this adventure is simpler than ever.

Let’s delve into the world of Fort Lauderdale wedding venues and unlock the secrets to your unforgettable day!


1. What types of wedding venues can I find in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

In Fort Lauderdale, you can find a variety of wedding venues including retreat wedding venues, small wedding venues for intimate ceremonies, and larger halls for grand celebrations.

2. Are there affordable wedding venue options in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes! Fort Lauderdale offers many affordable wedding venue options that cater to different budgets while still providing beautiful settings for your special day.

3. Can I have a destination wedding in Fort Lauderdale?

Absolutely! With its beautiful beaches and stunning ceremony sites, Fort Lauderdale is a popular choice for couples looking to have a destination wedding.

4. Where can I find the best places to get married in Fort Lauderdale?

The ultimate guide to wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale will help you discover the perfect spot for your ceremony, whether it’s an elegant hall or a scenic outdoor site by the beach.